Coalraven Chartered Accountants
Peace of mind for busy business owners

About Coalraven

Coalraven was established in 2006 to provide in house management accounting services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) providing you with a complete solution to managing your business finances.

Not all growing businesses have the resources to employ a qualified accountant to keep them up to date on their business finances. The main reasons for failure of SMEs are problems with cash flow arising from lack of financial planning and overexpansion, and taking on work which is unprofitable, Only with accurate and up to date management accounts can businesses avoid these types of problem. Good management accounts enable you to maximize your profits whilst maintaining a healthy cash flow and avoiding overcommitment.

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Why us?

That is a good question and we would be worried if you had not asked it. With our In House Finance Manager service, you only buy what your need. You get a huge amount of expertise and people who are truly passionate about accuracy and efficiency in business finance. Our intelligent, can-do approach means we are also really good at sorting out a mess.

We are experts in this field. We are not Financial Accountants who specialise in tax, auditing and producing Financial Statements. We are Management Accountants and our focus is giving a business the information it needs to make good decisions and use resources effectively.